Making it smart

Jasmina Tešanović’s talk was all whirlwind and heat. With a lot of energy and empathy, more or less freestyling her talk, she took the audience by storm. Jasmina likes smart things and she likes to talk about how women should get more involved in technology. You know, it’s not like just the cliché geek guy can make an object smart.

Born in Serbia, raised in Italy, she’s a political activist, feminist and author and known as the co-founder of „Casa Jasmina Project“ in Torino which she founded with her husband Bruce Sterling. Her mission today was to introduce the audience to seven approaches of how women can get involved more with tech and to share some thoughts about living in „Casa Jasmina“.



Now, I was not able to grasp all approaches but one could definitely work as pars pro toto. Number six it is fiction design! According to Jasmina: „I would like a screen that is not made of fabric so it could not be broken.“ So why not imagine a smoke screen? „Men think about improving the box, not about destroying the box and using something completely different“, Jasmina added.


In any case, her project, the Casa, is about connecting. Connecting with each other and creating a space where things are smart. Not like in your regular smart home where you have remote controls with 17 buttons, no. Two buttons are more than enough. Simplicity over fanciness and „always open source“. No luxury. Wait, maybe just a tiny bit of luxury communism?